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Cleanroom Electric Hoist China supplier
clean room electric hoist for application This type clean room hoist is widely used in clean room(dust-free) environment, such as bio-engineering, medical equipment, food, high-purity chemical industry, microelectronics and other industries;
Electric belt hoist
Kunfeng heavy industry is a Chinese supplier of electric belt hoist. Electric belt hoist is used in workshops that need anti-static, including semiconductor workshop, electronic workshop and chip workshop.
Intelligent lifting device
Intelligent intelligent lifting device System, Combined Precision Traveling Machine, Realized Realized Material Carrying Section High Speed, Precision Safety...
<b>Stainless steel electric chain hoists</b>
Our Stainless Steel chain electric hoist is perfect for cleanroom applications. Widely used in biological process, medical instrument, food, microelectronics industry, etc.
Electric Chain Hoist of china
Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifitng equipment.Beatifull outlooking,Solid Durable.Adopt international advanced technology,fine workmanship,gear wheel tight fit
Wire Rope Electric Hoist
Electric wire rope hoist is a type of material handling equipment, installed on a single beam crane, linear curve strander beams or it can be used at the hoisting mechanism
Desktop wire rope hoist
The desktop wire rope hoist is a wire rope hoist produced by Taiwan technical standards, so it is called a desktop electric hoist.
Desktop low-cut electric hoist
The desktop low-cut electric hoist has exquisite structure design, superior performance, novel appearance and appearance.
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