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Chain load turning device is suitable for turning workpieces on workshop production lathes

The chain large-tonnage steel beam casting workshop mold workshop load turning device can turn over 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 80 tons of workpieces.
The chain turnover machine is used with crane driving! The chain turning machine has many advantages and is suitable for workshop production turning.
Advantages of large-tonnage chain load turning device:
1. The equipment is operated by remote control, which has the characteristics of turning over large workpieces in different lines without slipping or spinning.
2. With the function of rotating the workpiece, it can be flipped to any angle according to the requirements. It has the characteristics of easy operation and flexible and reliable use.
3. The equipment is controlled by remote control, and the operator can stay away from the work of turning the workpiece, and has the characteristics of easy lifting and falling.
4. The equipment has the characteristics of light and flexible movement, without the need to move large workpieces, the equipment can be moved to the site where the workpiece is suspended and flipped.
5. The equipment adopts a suspension chain to fix the suspended and overturned workpiece.
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Chain load turning